Friday Mystery Photo

Every time I see this mural (it happens once or twice each year) it reminds me about 1930’s Soviet Industrial propaganda posters. It is probably because of the train engine. Of course one important element is missing here, an intense looking working class female or male or both, with some message, something like “Industrialism is a way to Socialism!”.

As you can see by the size of the bricks and the size of the little wall sign, this mural is huge, covering entire wall of this building. I’ll give one clue – red car indicates the type of building this mural is painted on. Not sure if search engines will provide a quick answer on where it is, so unless you happen to walk by it, you might not know where it is.

Weekend Update: We have one virtual winner, congratulations to Jomo for identifying the right place of this photo. The red car has letter H on the front hood, that was the clue, hopefully letting you all know that it has something to do with the Honda, in this case it happens to be Honda dealership, and it is located in Bethesda Maryland.

thanks all for stopping by!