White Green

About one month ago, foggy morning in Colorado mountains.

Winter Wonderland

Went to the Rocky Mountain National Park today. This is what I saw.

Golden Gate Bridge Flowers

Last night I was looking for a photo to publish and randomly selecting different folders to see if anything will catch my eye. This one felt right and here it is for you guys to enjoy as well.

Golden Gate Bridge Flowers - Click to see it in High Resolution!

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Georgetown Fog

I talked about some fog in yesterday’s post and decided to follow up today with another photo that has some actual fog in it. Couple weeks ago it was cold and rainy in DC, with some fog clouds rolling over the Georgetown University. I happen to be across the river, watching the rain slamming into the windows and wind moving those clouds across roof tops of the city. The circles you see in the top left are actually from raindrops on the window I was standing next to, even with focusing into far away, they still make some interesting light effects.

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Morning Fog

Early morning at the Salem Lake in early Autumn.

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