High Alert

He was watching me as I walked closer and closer taking photos, trying to get rising sun right behind it. I wanted to see how it would look later with some processing done to it. It took me two and half years to get to this image and try make it work. It was taken somewhere on the way to the Key West, on one of the islands, but I have no idea exactly where, if any of you recognize this little island please let me know the coordinates so I can geo tag it.


Florida Sunset

Little Break

So I did not post anything for two weeks. Actually it was a nice break from it. Coming up with photos is not an easy task and it can get a bit stressful to come up with 20+ photos each month. For the last two weeks I completely ignored all the blogs and postings and whatever else related to it. It was nice.

I’ll resume posts, but probably not as often as I did over the last nine month.

Florida Sunset

I took this photo last year on the Golf Coast in Florida at the tip of Crystal River, not far from one of their Nuclear Plants. I took some photos of the Plant as well, but it didn’t turn out anything interesting. The following day we went to swim with manatees at the Homosassa River, which was pretty awesome experience.


St Augustine Sunrise

It was a nice and warm morning in Northern Florida at the end of December and we even had a few minutes of nice sunrise. 

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Party Boat

While visiting St Augustine we went to the bridge to get some photos of the city with sunset behind it. With not a single cloud in the sky it was not really happening, I mean sunset was not happening. There were a few other folks with cameras bit disappointed as well.

At one point we heard the siren indicating that bridge will be raised, attendant had to scream at me because I was not on the right side of the barrier…hehe, I was standing behind that green fence on the left, so after I moved over they raised the bridge and this party boat passed through. Loud with music and party rocking.

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29, 30, uhh 300 more, Getting Dizzy

Truly I have no idea how many steps are total on this spiral staircase all the way up to the top of light house in St Augustine Florida, a lot, that’s for sure. We went up and down but I did not count them. I’m sure that probably almost every kid that knows how to count above 100 (hmm, I wonder what percentage of American kids can count above 100) tried to count it as he/she was going up or down.