Swim at Your Own Risk

Very lovely shoreline, isn’t it? I don’t think anyone ever swims here, so it does not introduce real problem for little kids jumping out of the waves on concrete pols and breaking their legs. At the same time what the hell is it doing here?

This is down in Flamingo Florida. The same place as I took this photo Sunset Watchers.


Sunset Watchers

People like to watch sunsets, some are good and some not. I like how this one came out.

We went to Flamingo in Everglades to see some wild live, crocodiles, birds and what else suppose to be down there. We even went on a long hike to the Bear lake, in hopes to see something. Water around there was standing and stank like old spoiled eggs. We saw some bugs and other flying little creatures. But not a single crocodile or a cool looking bird. Barely made back to the shore to see sunset. I actually was not super happy about it. In fact it took me almost nine month to get back into that folder and process couple pictures. But, it is probably for the good. Meanwhile I learned couple extra tricks in post processing and tried to pull the best out from this one.


Rotten Egg Smelling Canal

This is the spot where you put your canoe in the water and paddle to the Bear Lake. It smelled awful, like rotten eggs. We hiked all the way to the Bear Lake to find that it really didn’t have much to look at. It was one of those days when we had high hopes to see some amazing things and it turned to be almost the opposite. That whole Flamingo south Everglades area had nothing to show, really. If you have one day to explorer Everglades then do not go to Flamingo. Go to the northern parts of Everglades, off Tamiami trail. Don’t say I didn’t tell you.

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