Resting Camel and Flaming Mountains Extreme Heat

During the day at the Flaming Mountains in Turpan China temperatures under the sun can get up to 65C, maybe more. When we were there it actually was 65C. That is something like 145F. Hot, very hot.

Take a look at this guy. He doesn’t mind. Just hanging around there like nothing happens. Camels are amazing animals.


How are humans keep themselves cool in such heat? Some choose the following tools:


While the locals are making very interesting architectural choices. Second level with all those holes draws hot air up and keeps the ground level at somewhat manageable temperatures.


Annoyingly, I had some reflection from the car window, we were driving as I took them and in such bright light the map on my lap was reflecting in the window.


Bull-Demon King

Flaming Mountain in Turpan China is one of the hottest spots on earth. The legend goes as following: “Tangseng and his disciples are stranded in the Flaming Mountain, and the Iron-fan Princess refuses to lend her palm-leaf fan to Wukong. A firce battle is to break out at any time. Riding on his golden-eye animal, the Bull-demon King is staring angrily at Tangseng and his disciples and is ready to fight at any moment.” This place is awesome.