Mt Yale

It was very hazy morning when I climbed up to Huron Peak in early September 2021. Mt Yale to the left, and I think middle one is Princeton and way far back on the right is Antero, but might be mistaken on those.

Part of my art collection of Colorado 14er from another 14er. Hope you enjoy it.

Mt Yale

Mt Yale view from the Missouri Mountain. Part of my art collection of Colorado 14ers from other 14ers.

Almost Ukrainian Flag

A few people commented on these photos, that they resemble Ukrainian flag. I guess right now anything yellow with blue would look like it, perhaps in some abstract way. If these peaceful views of some of the highest places in the world can bring peace to Ukraine, I’m happy that it looks like it and perhaps brings some comfort.

Redcloud and Sunshine Peaks as they were seen a few minutes before sunrise from the Handies Peak. Beautiful Colorado 14ers.

First Light

Redcloud and Sunshine Peaks basking in the early morning sun. I climbed Uncompahgre Peak in early October 2021 and witnessed this beautiful sunrise.

These photos are part of my Colorado 14ers collection. You can put it on your wall as prints or collect as one of a kind NFT. See links above.

Upside down

Interesting cloud formation last night during sunset, and colors did not disappoint either.

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