Rain, Rain Go Away

I wonder how would it feel to stand on the top of the observation deck at the Empire State Building during Sandy’s gusty winds. Probably not very pleasant. I took this photo back in February of this year as rain storm was passing through NYC, it rained for the most of that day and cleared right when I was walking by ESB, so I decided to go up and see the city. The wind at the top was blowing so hard, it was not pleasant to be there at all. I had to put a lot of pressure on my camera against the wall to reduce the shake for long exposures in the dark.

Hopefully no big damage was done to NYC, all affected states and all the folks living there and traveling through. Currently in DC, the rain and wind is unreal. I had to go get some food from the grocery and got soaked wet after five minutes being outdoors, with rain going almost horizontal, making umbrella not very useful tool.

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New York–Looking North

After I took “Times Square Reflections” photo I had to go back to hotel and change my shoes, they were soaked wet. When I went back out the rain stopped and most of the clouds were blown away. I decided to walk down the Broadway and see a bit of the city. When I came up to the Empire State Building I decided to check if they are still open, if was around 10PM – they were open! Up on the observation deck the wind was so intense and cold, not much fun to be there, forget about taking leisure photos. Their security does not allow tripods all the way up so I had to shoot it all handheld. Thankfully it was possible to prep camera against the walls and other stable objects and eliminate the shake.

Today’s photo is looking north west from the Empire State Building. BTW, photo like this is better viewed in higher resolution, just click on it to see it large.

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