somewhere in Paris

It is Friday, and if you are common visitor, you know that it is usually showing some mystery place. But since this is the first Friday of this year, and I really wanted to show this photo for some time, it is not a mystery of any sort. Pretty much anyone should know where it is and what it is.

I really like to take photos with reflections and always look for such opportunities. It does not happen very often, but when it does, I think it produces some kick ass results.

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In Vegas

My wife was standing on my right side as I was taking this photo and was taking some shots with her phone as well. She usually uploads them to Facebook with some commentary. Well, later that evening when I checked my Facebook status I saw one of the photos that she took of me during that moment. The angle on her photo showed me looking through the view finder of my big camera with its lens pointing in the direction of Ballys, and her commenting of me photographing that woman’s naked butt. haha, the scene is so busy that I didn’t even see her  butt during framing of it, but now I’ll always remember that moment and how I took this photo. Nice touch.

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