It lasted probably only about two-three minutes. It how it usually happens, just a few moments and then it was gone. One thing photos are usually not showing is the brutal cold or heat during the time it was taken. Of course if you see palm trees and folks in shorts and half naked you can assume that it is warm, if you see snow and folks in some parkas you would assume that it is cold. With photos like this you really have no idea when it was taken. You can’t really tell that it was taken last weekend and it was brutally cold with wind blowing so hard I had to find some protection for my camera to keep it stable and not shaken as I took a few photos. By the time I got back to hotel my legs were red from a bit of a frost bite, jeans didn’t keep it too warm, and good old hot shower was very welcome. Looking at it now I’m happy I was there to witness this sunset, no matter how short it was and how cold it was, it was breathtaking few moments. Nothing can beat that, even this photo.


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