Dream Lake

On my way to Lake Haiyaha (second photo) you have no choice but to see this view at Dream Lake. It was a bit moody this morning.

At Lake Haiyaha I was blessed with about one minute of sun, so took that self portrait.

The third photo was taken about one hour after the first, snow started to fall a bit more heavy and by the time I got back to the parking lot, it was full on winter snow fall.

Dream Lake
Self Portrait at Lake Haiyaha
Snow is coming

Dream Lake

A short hike with awesome view is better than no hike at all. Went up to the Emerald Lake in hopes of finding clear and smooth ice. It was covered in snow and Dream Lake ice was not very smooth, plus under intense wind attack.

But hard to beat the view, don’t you think?

The snow cone behind the rock is product of wind, blowing in the same direction, straight into my face as I took this photo.