It seems like every time I visit Pittsburgh it rains or overcast. Can’t remember if I ever seen sun here. So as this week. It rained two days ago and it’s raining tonight.

Many of the recent photos posted are taken with iPhone. I still try to take photos with my other camera as well but most of the time can’t find time to pull those photos from it and process it. So much easier to do it straight from the phone, but at the same time quality of them might suffer. Oh well.

Friday Mystery Photo

I’m officially on vacation for the rest of the year, looking forward to some relaxing time and not doing whole a lot, well, that probably not going end up that way as I’ll do a lot, just not my primary job related…

As of today’s photo, I’ll give you a clue, probably dead giveaway clue. There are two towns with cool little downtowns, both have small marinas, and it happen that both have the same name. I took this photo in one of them. Sometime while back I actually posted some photos from another town. Where is this one?

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Late night in Seattle

Movie Making Software

Do any of you make movies? What software do you use to put different clips together, add photos, special effects, titles, captions, music, etc? I’ve been playing a bit with Windows Live Movie maker. Its free and it works. Just want to see what else is out there and have a good  reputation.

Seattle Space Needle

It was close to midnight when I made to the Kerry Park. My phone died about ten minutes prior to it, with directions to this place, so I had to drive somewhat blindfolded (it is amazing how quickly we get use to the conveniences of the smart phones with built in GPS and fine level maps). It was my first time in this part of Seattle and I didn’t really know what the park looks like. After a few back and force turns on parallel streets I found Kerry Park  with this nice view.

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Sneak Peak

Changing Clocks

Loosing one hour of our day on a nice spring day is very unpleasant, but that what we had to do today. At least we’ll have longer evenings now.

Seattle at Night

Prior to my last trip to Seattle I did some research on where all of the most iconic Seattle photos were taken. One of the spots is at Dr Jose Rizal Park. With Seattle weather, being mostly grey during the winter time, I arrived on a super clear night, with no single cloud in the sky, so after landing, the first thing I did is went straight to that park to take a few photos, it could be my only opportunity to take these photos before clouds and rain come back to the city. I walked around the park and took photos from different vantage points. This one was taken at a very low point, actually if I remember right, not even at the park itself, but one of the service roads, right beneath it.

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