One and Only

Asheville’s Famous

Over weekend we did an overnight trip to Asheville to see if gardens at the Biltmore Estate are any good. I think we missed all the tulips and other early spring flowers. All the new flowers are just starting to bloom, roses are getting there, probably going to be in nice bloom couple weeks from now. I took a few photos but so far can not find anything that I like, very frustrating.

Double Decker Coffee Bus

After sunset we went back to downtown to grab some food and right next to our restaurant there was this “Asheville’s Famous One and Only Double Decker Coffee Bus”, and don’t take my words for it, it what their sign says, and I kind of agree with it.

By the time we finished dinner they were already closed. The following morning we tried to hit it for breakfast, but they did not open till 11AM. So I do not know if their coffee is “one and only” as well, maybe next time.

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