DC Nights

I took this from my window at Hilton hotel near DuPont  Circle. I stayed there only once while back and had this nice view of the city. If you ever get a chance then stay at this hotel as well, make sure to get your room on a high floor and with DC down town views.

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Some Sunset

I remember it to be really nice sunset there in Washington DC. Colors were really playing nicely in the clouds and allowed me to take a few nice photos. Right now it is probably under some snow from the recent snowstorm, but it probably provides some nice opportunities for photos as well.

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DC Short

How about Golden Globes last night? I haven’t heard about some of the movies/programs they were talking about, but no surprise there, it is hard to find me at the movie theaters, I usually end up watching movies via redbox, netflix or whatever they show on hbo. I was happy that the winners were across large number of movies/programs, without one of them doing a complete sweep.

This is another shot from the little time lapse video I did year and half ago. I did a few of them back in 2012 and still have a few photos left from each one of them. Over the next couple month I’ll try to dispense them out here on the blog.

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and here is the short:

DC SHORT from Dmitrii on Vimeo.

Time to Eat Turkey

Today most folks in US are going to eat turkey, we are too. Happy Thanksgiving Day folks!

I still have a few photos lingering from a few time lapse movies I made last year, I’m going to try and expedite their publication. Here is one from the “DC Short” time lapse.

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and the video itself:

DC SHORT from Dmitrii on Vimeo.

The White House

It is there, if you pay attention you’ll see it in one of the corners. While the house is fenced and surrounded by all kind of security, the green fields around it are available for everyone to enjoy. You’ll folks playing all kind of team sports and enjoy their time of work or school.

To see the details of those far away buildings click on the image to open it in higher resolution.