Lake Isabelle


Another view from the South Arapahoe Peak 

Looking south from the South Arapahoe Peak. Alpine lakes are really cool to see from a distance. It’s cool to hike up to them as well and feel the cold clean water. On the second image to right is Lake Dorothy. We hiked there last year right around this time and there were no snow. This year its already covered.

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Terminal B

Back from California

We are back on the East coast from a short spring break trip to the great state of California. I can see why people like to live there, it is really beautiful in California. We had mixed weather over seven days, mostly attributed to super high winds, which were very cold, but for the most part it was pretty nice. Thanks to all for recommendations on where to visit. In such a short trip we tried to cover and see multiple places and saw pretty much everything we had on the agenda, except the Red Wood forests. We got a bit too late to the Muir Woods Forest and it was like a human zoo there, no parking for miles and like thousands of people walking all over, I guess trying to visit it on Sunday did not help, but that is the only time we had for this part of the trip. Next time will plan for different day, or even better, go to other Red Wood forests. So we skipped it and instead went down to the ocean for some hikes, had lunch at Stinson Beach and then headed to the city. Overall it was a great trip, I took a few photos, which I’ll try to share over coming days and weeks.

Layover in Denver

On our way back we had a short layover in Denver, switching from United to USAir, it was close to midnight with pretty much empty terminal. We had to move from one end of it to another, which took like ten plus minutes and in the middle of it I saw this lightning structure. This is the last photo of the trip. Why am I choosing to show the last one? hmm, not sure. It is like reading magazine, most times I start looking at it and reading it from the back.

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