Holiday Season

Holiday season in US is starting every year earlier and earlier. Years back, Christmas trees would be setup right after the Thanksgiving, getting the public into the spirit of spending their money on all the gifts other other stuff they buy during this time. In the last few years it is a norm to see it all over way before the Thanksgiving, at least one week before, which is like middle of November, one month before actual holiday.

I took this photo couple weeks ago at Detroit airport.

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At Bellagios

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! This tree is straight from the Bellagio resort in Las Vegas Nevada, taken just about three hours before its been posted. One of the most decorated Christmas Trees I have ever seen, and I have seen many in the past, this one is truly 100% Vegas style.

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Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! We have the tree, your presents under it are imaginary.

I took this photo a few weeks ago at the Reagan National Airport (DCA). I think they have at least three of them there. This one is near C gates, where USAir flies from. DCA is probably one of the coolest airports in US, at least the ones that I have a chance to go through.

What other airports are photogenic?

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National Mall Tree

Couple nights ago I made my way to the National Mall in Washington DC. I was looking for the National Christmas Tree. I parked not far from the Lincoln Memorial in hopes that I’ll see all kind of lights and other holiday magic on the National Mall. Hmm. There was nothing, it was dark around the pool, even most street lights even dark. I walked all the way to the Washington Memorial and didn’t see a single holiday light. From there I finally spotted lights near the White House, so headed there.

When I saw the tree, I was a bit disappointed. How small it is. I imagined it to be at least twice this high. In the dark with that blanket of lights on it at first I thought that maybe it is not it, maybe it is just some type of cone structure to make it look like a tree, maybe there is one somewhere else. After some examination I believe I could actually see the tree under the lights, so it must be the one. I wonder if there it some type of policy or law that dictates on how tall it can be.

Two images today, this one from one side

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and this one from the other

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Holidays are Coming

5k Mistletoe

Last night we had some reasons for a little celebration and Champaign was our choice of beverage. Good and tasty one. So this morning I had a bit of hangover. Did I mention that this morning was an annual YMCA Mistletoe 5K run that I signed up to do? Hehe, well, if you were there and saw huffing, puffing red faced guy – that was me. But knowing that the last 5K I ran was about 3 years ago, on the same occasion, that time accompanying my daughter on her ‘Girls on the Run” program, I did pretty darn good, somewhere under 28 minutes (just learned exact time – 27:04). I guess huffing and puffing gave me some speed boost. Oh yeah, and the hangover, nowhere to be found.

Christmas Tree Season is Here

For the next 4 weeks everywhere you go, you are going to hear holiday music and a lot of Christmas decorations and trees. Last year I started taking photos of different Christmas trees, you can check one in Marco Island, this one in Tysons Corner and this one at Reagan National. I don’t see anything wrong with continuing with this little collection and shoot more of them.

Today’s Christmas tree is coming to us from the lobby of Mills House hotel in downtown Charleston. I had to wait for almost 10 minutes till a few folks finish with their long southern goodbyes and clear the space between me and the tree. I’m polite type of fella, I didn’t want to shoo them away. So I was finally taking it and this lady walked into the frame. I could crop her out in the final image, but decided against it, she is not really recognizable and it shows that this is not a staged type of photo.

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