Friday Mystery Photo

Spring break is almost over and I’m getting back online. I find it hard to post any photos while traveling, I take a lot of photos while being away from home, but usually not doing any type of post processing and posting. At the same time I try not to miss Monday and Friday posts, as they have a pattern and maybe some of you are already waiting for another Friday photo.

Today’s Friday Photo comes from a very cool city, where is it?

As always I’ll update it with location on Saturday.

Sunday update: I’ve never been to Copenhagen and asked my wife why a few of you said that it is definitely not in Copenhagen. They have a similar girl, mermaid in fact, not just a swimmer. Now I want to go and see it. But a few of you (mbaldelli, xtinamcgphoto, Guy and timmyL) got this one right, it is in fact in Vancouver BC.

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Niagara Falls Sunset

This was taken couple days before Christmas from the Canadian side. I wonder how the same sunset would look like from the US side? I think you would see the sun with the Horse Shoe Falls from the US side, not just the projection of it on the mist from it. As always, higher resolution image is better to enjoy.

Thanks for all the nice comments on my last post from New York City!

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Niagara Parkway at Night

Taking Traffic Lights Photos

When opportunities arise I always try to get photos with long traffic lights and I find that it is not easy to do if you shoot a set of brackets. I usually shoot with ISO 200, so when shooting brackets camera is set to aperture priority and the primary way to control timing of each exposure is via  changing aperture, the lower the aperture (higher F number) the longer each exposure takes. But you don’t really know how long it will take for each exposure, while interesting traffic is going by and might not show up again for some time. I usually do not like to bring F too high because it decreases the quality of the image, so it is hard to time it right and get enough timing to get the good continuous line of lights at least on one of the brackets.

Christmas Time at the Falls

So on this occasion I was walking along the Niagara parkway on the river side and decided to take a few traffic lights with some glimpse of the Niagara Falls, the fog and some Christmas decorations, so I jumped over to the medium and took probably at least ten shots of the same scene, trying to time it right. I was happy with this one.

BTW, if you are a recent visitor – a little tip – if you want to see much higher resolution image all you have to do is to click on the image below. And as always – Thanks for stopping by!

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Simple Rainbow

After making through the border control and doing a bit of hiking on the Niagara River I finally arrived at the Niagara Falls. As I was passing it on my way to the parking lot I saw this rainbow illuminated by the low setting sun. After parking I grabbed my camera and started walking to it and taking pictures. I had some with the buses, and cars and people, getting all in the foreground, still I was taking them as I was afraid that it will disappear. Finally I was able to cross the road and get this one. The mist you see is the mist from the Niagara Horse Shoe Falls.

Btw, I took Step Back photo probably about two hours later, it is still one of my personal favorites.


Rainbow Colors of Niagara Falls

I took this photo on the same night as Step Back photo. You can probably figure out which side of the Niagara Falls is shown in the Step Back.

All this illumination is coming from the Canadian side, they have huge projectors on the hill, pointing both at the Horse Shoe and at the American side Falls. Colors are not static and based on my observation they were changing them every five minutes, first all white, then all red, all blue, all yellow, and then finally they had it all mixed up.

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