Turpan–Hottest Place on Earth?

I’m not sure if it is the hottest place, but it is definitely the hottest I’ve ever had a chance to visit. Day time temperatures get to around 65-70C, which is around 150-160F! The bellow giant thermometer shows 65C. This is the home to the Bull Demon King and Iron-fan Princess.

Do you think people live in those conditions? Of course they do. They adapt to it and make very interesting architectural changes to their houses.  

Turpan is located in western part of China, in Xin Jiang province, about 150 miles east from Urumqi. We rented a car from our hotel – with a driver – to take us there. It was not cheap, but money spent is totally worth the experience we got from the trip, and convenience of a good car, with good AC, with local driver who knows how to drive Chinese highways is really priceless.

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Bull-Demon King

Flaming Mountain in Turpan China is one of the hottest spots on earth. The legend goes as following: “Tangseng and his disciples are stranded in the Flaming Mountain, and the Iron-fan Princess refuses to lend her palm-leaf fan to Wukong. A firce battle is to break out at any time. Riding on his golden-eye animal, the Bull-demon King is staring angrily at Tangseng and his disciples and is ready to fight at any moment.” This place is awesome.