The Rise

Moon rising over Boulder Colorado. It was a nice sight.

Explosion of Color!

Explosion of color! I took a break at this spot and enjoyed this view for good 15-20 minutes. How could you not enjoy it?

I was really hoping that some random moose would show up at that small lake below, as it is pretty isolated and very few humans find their way to it.

The mountain on the other side is probably one of the most visited 13ers in the Boulder vicinity.

Sunrise Hike a Few Days Agor

Star Burst

Nice evening for another quick hike up to Mount Sanitas to witness sunset. No clouds tonight and as you can see nice star burst show.

Summer is here

Starting summer with another gorgeous sunset. I even got a glimpse of the rainbow on my way up to Mount Sanitas, but it didn’t pan out to be shared digitally, some things are only can be seen in person.