Coming Home

I like to look at the boats when I happen to be around the open body of water and I always imagine that if I ever end up living in one of those places I’d probably end up getting one my self. I understand that getting a boat or a yacht is like throwing money into the ocean, as it is pure overhead, it introduces all kind of expenses and provides no financial benefit (unless you use it for some business). Of course I have never been on the boat of any size for more than three hours and have no idea if I’d actually like to be on the water that much and even if I liked it how I’d feel to spend a lot of cash for something like that. Hmmm, but it sounds cool to be on the boat and see the world differently from the rest of the solid ground folks.

It is like one of those fantasies we have about a place or activity and what we’d like to do, but have no practical understanding of how it will actually feel like in real life. How about you?

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Friday Mystery Photo

We didn’t have a chance to eat any food cooked on these boats, yes, those boats are floating kitchens, and based on the large number of people buying their food it must be good. Maybe next time when we visit this city we will have opportunity to taste some of their tasty dishes, whatever they are.

Where is this place? Probably an easy one for many of you, especially if you follow my blog. Thanks for stopping by!

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