Longing for some coolness

It is very hot in South East. It is very hot and annoying and so today’s photo is from much cooler place. It was very cold and windy up there on top of the mountain when I took this photo. I wish we would get some nice cool breeze of that air into South East. But it is not possible, it is far away from us. It is in British Columbia, I don’t think we get many big fronts all the way from there down in South East US. Oh well.



Hungry Birdie

We were having some waffles at Crystal Hut on Blackcomb mountain when this guy came by and got on the rail right next to me. He was hungry for Crystal Hut waffles. He did not afraid and seat probably about 20 inches from me. I had to take a picture.

btw, if you are ever skiing or snowboarding on Blackcomb mountain, make sure to stop by Crystal Hut and eat some of their oven grilled stakes or if you have a sweet tooth then some waffles with blueberries, chocolate, strawberries and loads and loads of whip cream. Good stuff.