One more, Black Bird

This was taken back in February, along with a few other photos when I stopped by the air and space museum. I think this is one of the last ones from that day. I’m kind of slowed down on posting photos, not processing them as much, or on another hand not not been taking many photos recently, not traveling much in the last 7 month, in fact pretty much not at all. Without making photos it is hard to post any. Ahhh…



Black Bird

This is a continuation of my Black Bird series. When I visited space museum I took a few photos of it from different angles. This one is really showing the size of it from the back. Pretty impressive. Check out other photos under Air Space Museum category.


Black Bird

Full frontal view of this mighty aircraft.  The fastest man flown aircrafts in the history. More information about Black Bird.

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Coming At Ya, Baby

Coming right at you with super sonic speed. This is a thing of beauty. You have to see it all and if you be back here in the next few weeks, I’ll show this Blackbird in its all majesty, have couple shots just for that. Just need to get them ready.

This is Lockheed SR-71A Blackbird at the Air and Space Museum in Dulles airport.

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