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Arizona Landscape

Sedona and its surrounding area offer some of the most breathtaking landscape views. We did a short hike at the Red Rock State Park and saw really amazing weather changes with the gorgeous background. Hard to not take a good … Continue reading

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Grand Canyon

What a place! True to its name, it is Grand. None of the photos will ever do the justice to its size and expanse. You have to see it in person with your own eyes to appreciate its true magnificence. … Continue reading

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Grand Canyon Sunrise

So I finally got into the Grand Canyon folder on my hard drive and sorted them out into stacks of the bracketed photos. I took so many of them during our short one day visit to the Grand Canyon, hopefully … Continue reading

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Slide Rock State Park

We were there in the middle of the winter and as you can see it was a bit cold. What I’m wondering if the name of the park stays true to its name in the summer time. Does anyone know … Continue reading

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Bridge to Sedona

Continuing with the bridges theme we are moving a bit into land, into sunny Arizona. If you take route 89 from Flagstaff to Sedona you will drive over it, just about one mile before you get to Sedona. There is … Continue reading

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RoadKill Cafe

I like to have my wife on my vacations… not only for many other obvious reasons, but she likes to do some research about our destinations and always suggests places we should stop and see. Like in this case I’d … Continue reading

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From Flagstaff to Sedona

Yesterday I mentioned that drive on HW89 from Flagstaff to Sedona is very scenic. Most of the scenery is really starting from this point and down. Right now we are still almost at Flagstaff level, fairly high altitude, but things … Continue reading

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