Alpine Summer

Today I’m taking a virtual trip back to Tian Shan mountains. I like the contrast between alpine flowers and mid summer snow. Snow was fairly dirty by this time and we didn’t play snowballs, and fortunately my daughter didn’t try to eat it. She likes to taste fresh snow, you know, one of those things our kids like to do, just I used to eat some as well.



Alpine Flowers

Its been a while since I shared photos from Tian Shan mountains. Last summer we spend a few days in Almaty, Kazakhstan and on one of those days we went to hike at Chimbulak ski resort. Thankfully, they had one of the lifts operating and it took us all the way up into the high mountains. From there we hiked for another 45-60 minutes to places were most locals do not go. Hiking there is not the easiest, because you are pretty much at the top of these picks, the slopes are super steep, there are a lot of drop offs and the rock is loose and with sharp edges. At one point I slipped and cut my leg on one of those sharp rocks. It is so high, there is still snow laying on the ground. On top of all this, green hills are covered with bright little alpine flowers. Amazing. So here is one of the photos from that day.

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