Friday Mystery Photo

This week I managed to stop by the Tidal Basin and check out cherry blossoms. Weather was nice and they were in full bloom. The number of people around there was in full bloom as well, it seems like entire population of Northern Virginia and same number of visitors decided to get out and enjoy it as well. I hope to share some photos in the coming days.

But today is the Friday and it means we have a photo that is probably not going to be known by most, maybe by some. Where is it and what is that church is known for?

Sunday update: Well, looks like no one who have visited my blog have seen this church in the past. I actually have other photos of it already posted, just from a different side. At that time it was posted as Friday Mystery Photo as well and some folks actually knew the place. I guess you have not been back to see this one.

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Russian Prose

5K Mistletoe

This morning we are running 5K mistletoe at our local YMCA. I registered at the last minute and actually did not practice for it at all. I think I’ll be in the world of pain as I’ll more likely push myself to the limit…gonna be fun!

My Angel Graffiti in Almaty

We were walking from “Zeleniy Bazar” down the street, I was just taking photos when I saw something out of the ordinary. The whole place is kind of the ordinary, but you get quickly use to it and then you have to look for extra nuggets. This type of open window little markets are very common and usually occupied by female merchants, mostly “babushkas”. This one sells all kind of fresh flowers.

And the graffiti… it says: “Forgive me my angel without wings…” what ever he/she meant by it… we’ll never know

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Friday Mystery Photo


Today marks a small milestone on my blog – it should be post # 500 under the Around the World category. It means that there should be 500+ photos for you to explorer. I’ll have to make a toast when I get back from work to another 500+ posts.

Most Important Day in Their Life

Their marriage ceremony is in progress. It is probably one of the most important days in their lives. In such a pretty place too. The couple you see is actually not the one getting married, these two are holding special hats over the couple who is getting married. If you’d look from the side you’d see what I’m talking about.

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It is highly unlikely that anyone would be able to tell where it is, so here is another photo, from outside. The story goes that this church was built without a single iron nail. Not sure how true it is, but I kind of like it.

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Friday Photo Mystery

Before the Storm

I actually do not expect people to know where it is, but this is the only photo I had for sharing and since probably no one will know where it is, a good candidate for Friday.

We were doing very light hiking up the slope from that ski resort when wind suddenly picked up and those huge black clouds started to roll in. We decided to turn around and head back down. But first I took couple shots. For memories.

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Chimbulak murals #3 and #4

Here is two more murals from the Chimbulak Ski Resort in Almaty Kazakhstan. I shared first two in the past, here is #1 and #2. All of them are on the same mountain road that leads you from mountain skating stadium Medeo to the ski resort.

Chimbulak Mural #3

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Chimbulak Mural #4

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