Emerald Lake

We are back to rainy day here in the front range, but yesterday was spectacular in the high country.

I made to the Emerald Lake overlook, which you can see right below, with couple folks (that little dot right in the middle of the lake) who just came down from the slopes above.

You might be able to spot Mills Lake to the upper left and of course the star of this show is Longs Peak, peaking out from the clouds.

Longs Peak

Went for Flat Top Mountain this morning, not the one pictured, of course. After clearing the tree line the snow was pretty deep and I didn’t bother to bring my snow shoes, so every step was a struggle. I did made up to the overlook over Emerald Lake, had some food and decided to call it quits and head back down.

Longs Peak looked pretty awesome most of the morning, poking its head in and out of the clouds. Every time I look at it, I picture my self back there at the summit, observing the park from its highest point.

And of course wild life is always welcome on a hike, especially at 11,000 feet high elevation.


After two days of nonstop rain we finally got this lovely Friday evening. Indian Peaks were covered in clouds, didn’t take any pics, but Flat Irons were as lovely as ever.

Of course this is also the time for tulips in my own backyard. They are quite lovely as well.

Dream Lake

On my way to Lake Haiyaha (second photo) you have no choice but to see this view at Dream Lake. It was a bit moody this morning.

At Lake Haiyaha I was blessed with about one minute of sun, so took that self portrait.

The third photo was taken about one hour after the first, snow started to fall a bit more heavy and by the time I got back to the parking lot, it was full on winter snow fall.

Dream Lake
Self Portrait at Lake Haiyaha
Snow is coming

Sky Pond

Sky Pond this morning, no more ice skateable. Trail is packed with snow, no snowshoes needed, but micro spikes absolutely recommended. Loch Vale is no longer walkable across, but can be by the edge. Walked over Lake of Glass, just fine. Get there super early to walk up on the frosty packed snow, as by 10AM it starting to get slushy. Can’t imagine what it is like after lunch.