Flat Irons

We had some snow in town. Things look mostly white now, and blue.

After Sunset

Have not posted many photos from Boulder in recent weeks. While I go get my Sanitas hikes almost on daily basis (at 169 so far), the weather usually have not been favorite to get any decent color… Today happen to be out there a bit after sunset… a bit of glow… it was nice

Alpine Flowers

It is almost winter here. Tomorrow high 32F. But, but… summer was just here, those nice hot days, even in alpine country, with all those beautiful flowers.

Bonus point, what are the two, yes two, fourteeners can you name in this photo?

Another Shadow

Last photo showed sunset shadow at the 3rd highest mountain in Colorado. Following up today with another shadow, but this time it is sunrise shadow. Some of you might know where it is, by recognizing this landscape…

Well, it was taken from the summit of Uncompahgre Peak, in beautiful San Juan Mountains.

High Shadow

One of the cool effects that you can only witness while standing on the top of the high mountain during sunrise or sunset… watching the shadow of the mountain. The higher the mountain, the better visual you get.

This is sunset at the 3rd highest mountain in Colorado – Mt Harvard.