White Sands 

Another day, another location with lots of sand. This is at White Sands New Mexico.

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Hiking the Great Sand Dunes 

Two years ago before we decided on our move to Colorado, we came here for a Spring break and did some roaming around the state. Great Sand Dunes National Park was really awesome destination and I would like to get back there again. Maybe in the Fall. I  think summer would be fairly brutal. 

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Fish for Lunch?

Before crossing the Mekong River this guy jumped on the boat and attempted to catch some fish. Nothing came out in his net. As we were crossing it, I saw him fishing from the bank of the river. Hopefully he got something.

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Strong Roots 

It requires strong foundation to keep all that up and stable. This is the same spot at Angkor Wat  as yesterday post.

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Dusting Off

Have to keep it clean. Worker at Angkor Wat doing some early morning cleaning before thousands if tourists arrive to see the ruins.

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Acadia Sunrise 

A few years back when my daughter was still in school in Massachusetts, I managed to combine my visit to see her with a short stop at the Acadia National Park. 

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Temple Cat

Cats were all over this Temple in downtown Phnom Penh. This one even decided to pose for me for a split second.

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