Another view from the South Arapahoe Peak 

Looking south from the South Arapahoe Peak. Alpine lakes are really cool to see from a distance. It’s cool to hike up to them as well and feel the cold clean water. On the second image to right is Lake Dorothy. We hiked there last year right around this time and there were no snow. This year its already covered.

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South Arapahoe Peak 

Looking north from the South Arapahoe Peak, 13,400″ high. Right in front of us is the Arapahoe Glacier. This is where we get our drinking water in Boulder. Boulder actually owns this Glacier. Water is scarce in the front range, owning your own Glacier does help with securing its supply.

This is looking east from the same spot. Those lakes below get their water from the Arapahoe Glacier and this is where one of the branches of the Boulder Creek finds it start. 

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On my way to Almaty I had one night stopover in Seoul South Korea. I was really surprised by the size of the city. Looking at it on the map didn’t really provide true size of all the different districts and distance between them. Next need to have at least one week dedicated to the city to even scratch a surface.

In one day I managed to eat some great food, do a nice hike in the city park, watch sunset, listen to a group of teenagers singing to their cell phone provided boom box music right on the banks of the river and walk through one of the many streets in Gangnam-gu. 

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Big Almaty Lake 

Big Almaty Lake is about 20 kilometers south of Almaty, deep in the Tian Shan mountains. I grew up in Almaty, but never had a chance to visit this lake, till 30 years after moving away from the city. 

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South Dakota – 50 by 50

This is my last lower continental state. All 48 have been visited. Plus Hawaii. Plus Puerto Rico. Now I have one more state to visit – Alaska. Hopefully can make over there sometime next year.

Yesterday we were checking out Black Hills in South Dakota. First went to the Custer State Park, looked at a few bisons and hiked the Lovers Leap trail. Half of the trail was nice, in higher altitude, the other half descended to a creek and was surrounded by poison ivy. I’m highly allergic to it and had to watch every step I made to avoid any contact with it. It was not fun.

We ended up driving up to Mount Rushmore to see the presidents. Late afternoon storm went over it as we got into the memorial and provided this nice drama. Lightning strikes were all over, but I didn’t get any…so just imagine it. After it dumped some heavy five minutes rain, the clouds moved to the east and it went back to the boring blue sky. BTW, if you want to see more photos from this trip and other, follow me on Instagram.

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North Dakota – 50 by 50

I’m almost done with my goal of visiting all 50 states. This is state #48 that I visited and put at least one photo on this blog. Today we did a long drive to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota and did a quick hike. Never on any of my hikes I came across a carcass of large animal, prior to this one. Seeing bisons carcass was very surprising and made the whole drive to ND and hike in the 90F totally worth it. Pretty cool experience. It stank a lot. 

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Rabbit Mountain 

Fifth day in a row of doing small hikes. Today we went to the Rabbit Mountain open space, it has couple nice views over the surrounding area and all under four miles of walking. Can get pretty hot though as it’s fully exposed under the sun. Bring your sunblock!

This is looking over the Boulder valley. Way to the left is Boulder. Right under us is Lyons cement plant, and you might see Indian Peaks Wilderness poking out with snowy peaks on the right.

This is view from the Little Thompson overlook. Looking north west.

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