Walker Ranch Loop 

Went for a new hike today. Walker Ranch Loop. It is officially around 7.8 miles and with all of the little side exploration we ended up clocking around 8.5 miles. Crossed over South Boulder creek couple times (over bridge) as it’s currently very crazy with early summer water in it. Great hike.

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Roof Tops 

Today is a hot and sunny day in Seville Spain. 

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In Toledo 

Looking southwest over Monasterio de San Juan de los Reyes. So far its been a nice day in Toledo. 

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Sunset Reflection over Calle de Segovia 

There are glass walls on each side of the bridge over Calle de Segovia, which provided interesting reflection during sunset. Good times in Madrid!

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La Finca Sunset

Happen to be in this side of the world at hotel in the middle of the business district, which happens to be pretty much deserted during evening hours, but provided some kickass reflections.

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Mills Lake 

Had a great hike today to the Mills Lake. Snow is about half way gone, had to use spikes at the higher elevation.

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April Snow 

Yesterday we got dumped with late April Snow, in some places up to 20 inches. In Boulder had only probably around 6 to 8 inches. Today sun is back and temperature is up in mid 60th, so everything is rapidly melting. Before it’s all honesty I went for a quick hike. 

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