Sunrise at Snowmass 

What could be better than watching sunrise from that hot air balloon? Snowmass Village is way back there in the mountains getting hit by early morning sun, I’m sure folks up in the air have some really awesome views. 

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Conundrum Hot Springs 

Getting some unsuspecting sunburn at 11,200″ elevation, while soaking in the hot water at Conundrum hot springs. We hiked 8.5 miles, got our muscles relaxed in the hot water, enjoyed the view, talked to a few other backpackers and then hiked back down. Seventeen miles in one day! It was one of a kind. Next time need to plan to camp there for a night or two, as my feet are still hurting from doing this much walking in one day.

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Aspen Brewing Company 

Stopped by the ABC to have an IPA and enjoyed this view. Good times!

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Mural, Mural on the Wall

Saw this on the wall in downtown Aspen. Looks cool. Not really sure what it is trying to tell us.

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Venga Venga

Hanging out at Venga Venga in Snowmass CO. Sunset is about to roll in, temps are dropping rapidly, but views are not bad ftom this little patio.

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Hiking Bear Peak 

It was one of the first pretty much cloudless days in front range, good day for some outdoor activities in high altitude environments, so we decided to check out hike to the Bear Peak. According to guide books the round trip should be around 8.5 miles and its categorized as difficult hike. It was difficult for sure. Elevation gain of 3000 feet gets you up there high, but it comes with a cost of my legs hurting at the moment and desiring no less but day or two of good rest. I’m not hiking tomorrow. The guide book is btw wrong about the distance. My Band2 clocked almost 11 miles. Man, it was a bear of a hike!

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Right Turn Only

Another shot from our recent drive through the Trail Ridge Road in RMNP. Getting those signs cleared is important, don’t want drives drive straight into the cliff. 

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