Huron Peak

The fourth 14er on my three day climbing spree was the Huron Peak. I slept in and started bit after 7am, so got up to the summit in full morning sun, still happen to be first one, with couple other folks showing up about 30 minutes later.

Great hike with awesome views. On the photo to the right is La Plata Peak…all the way back.

Huron being one of the lowest, I had to jump up to add a few inches and see if air bit thinner…😃

If you can drive up all the way to the trail head, highly recommend, otherwise add additional few miles to your hiking. @t.the.yota got me there and allowed some comfy sleep as well…

Triple Hit

I took a few days off work to get away from it all and climb some mountains.
Three days and five 14ers added to my list. Pretty awesome week!

On the first day I climbed three:

  • Mt Belford 14,203
  • Mt Oxford 14,160
  • Missouri Mt 14,074
  • Total length 16.4 miles
  • Elevation gain 7,333 ft

Managed to get to the Belford right before sunrise. It is an awesome experience to see sun rising from the tallest mountains on this continent. You should try sometime, but if cannot then see it via my photos!
Sun was rising right above Mt Oxford and to the right you can see Mt Harvard.
Mt Oxford was second, which requires to drop into saddle about 700 feet down and then gradually make back up to the top. I’m pointing to the Mt Belford… where I just came from.

Mt Belford and Mt Oxford usually combined into one climb (to get to Oxford you have to first do Belford), but Missouri Mt is slightly off to the side but does share the same trailhead and there is way to connect to it from the Mt Belford so I decided do all 3 at the same time! On the 3rd photo right above my head is La Plata Peak… and to the left is Huron Peak.

You might notice that in every photo I have different look, at sunrise 5 layers, on second a bit warmer and 4 layers, and then finally middle of the day only one layer… temperatures swing good 40+ degrees up there!

Next is… which mountain?

My ride that got me to the trail head @t.the.yota

La Plata Peak

Sunrise at La Plata Peak, Colorado 5th tallest mountain.

You can now become a collector of some of my photos. Currently I have a growing gallery of Colorado 14ers and some other Colorado art photography. Link to my page is at the top of the page.

Golden Hour

Blue Skies

So I wanted to see blue sky (air conditions are horrible right now in front range) and some new place where I have never been before. Chasm Lake in the RMNP was calling my name… I got to see blue sky in early hours this morning and it was nice under 50F temps too.

First photo is view of Longs Peak on the way to Chasm Lake.
Second photo is sunrise with all that ugly smoke in the air.