Another Sunset

Five days no hiking and finally getting out, feels so good!

The Creek

Had a chance to enjoy this view a few months ago on a hike in San Juan Mountains. Tippy toeing on some rocks in that creek to get the right angle is always fun part 😎 nothing got wet.

Weekend is almost here, time for some outdoor activities!!!

Bridal Veil Falls

A few months back hiking in the San Juan Mountains. We had first snow storm of the season just day before this hike, some snow can be seen at this elevation, and had much more another 3000 feet higher from here.

Cloud That Appeared

Warm afternoon and nice climb up the Mount Sanitas. It was super busy, so as usual I went off to Lion’s Lair one of my secret spots. At first I thought it will be totally cloudless, but then nice cloud formed up under my spell…

Sunset on Fire

Totally cloudless day turned into this beauty. Wind is really picking up at higher altitude.

Which view is your favorite?