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How about Golden Globes last night? I haven’t heard about some of the movies/programs they were talking about, but no surprise there, it is hard to find me at the movie theaters, I usually end up watching movies via redbox, netflix or whatever they show on hbo. I was happy that the winners were across large number of movies/programs, without one of them doing a complete sweep.

This is another shot from the little time lapse video I did year and half ago. I did a few of them back in 2012 and still have a few photos left from each one of them. Over the next couple month I’ll try to dispense them out here on the blog.

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and here is the short:

DC SHORT from Dmitrii on Vimeo.


One holiday is over, only a few weeks before winter breaks comes around. Can’t wait for that!

Last year we were in Rockport MA, one day before Sandy hit the East coast, all these clouds are prelude to what was about to come. I did a quick time lapse at the time you can check it out right after the photo.

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and here is the video

Before the Storm from Dmitrii on Vimeo.

Time to Eat Turkey

Today most folks in US are going to eat turkey, we are too. Happy Thanksgiving Day folks!

I still have a few photos lingering from a few time lapse movies I made last year, I’m going to try and expedite their publication. Here is one from the “DC Short” time lapse.

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and the video itself:

DC SHORT from Dmitrii on Vimeo.


This weekend we went overnight to Asheville. I didn’t take any photos with my big cameras, only a few shots with my phone. But we stayed at the recently opened A Loft hotel, right in down town, which was pretty cool. They upgraded us to the pool level with our door opening on the terrace with our own private terrace level. It as really convenient, but you have to make sure to lock those terrace doors. Next room to us was rubbed in that afternoon, iPad and some other expensive toys disappeared. There were a bunch young females staying there, all bridesmaids for the upcoming weekend wedding. They forgot to lock the door.

Since we are on the subject of Asheville, we are going to see something from that area. I took this photo at Biltmore Estate last summer, it was part of my short time lapse video, some of you who has been here for a while will surely recognize. I think they cut the grass just an hour or so before I took this, I really like how those lines are taking my eye all the way to the house.

Biltmore House - Click to see it in High Resolution!

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and here is the video from that day:

Biltmore Estate from Dmitrii on Vimeo.

Friday Mystery Photo

Another Friday – another mystery photo for you folks. I decided to make this one much easier than the prior few Friday photos. If you have been frequent visitor to my blog (see it pays off to come here often) then you will more likely know where it is.

As always, I’ll update this post over weekend with location and anyone who provided right answer.

Saturday Update: Many people tried to identified this one, great participation! Interestingly, many initial identifications were somewhere in England or Europe, if you look at my travel categories, I have not been to any of those parts of the world in the recent times and didn’t take any photos. But we have couple folks who rightfully identified it as Rockport MA, they are David and soonie2. Also, A Taste of Brazil suggested between Rockport and as well. Thanks guys! Good eye!

btw, one of my videos shows this area, see it below.

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and here is the video:

Before the Storm from Dmitrii on Vimeo.