Friday Mystery Photo

Today we have two mystery photos, both from the same place, so if you have seen one you probably seen another. Also, I’d suspect that none of my female visitors will know where it was taken, it is just not the type of place you usually find females, as you can see the paintings really designed for guys.

Any takers?

Saturday Update: Well, as I suspected no one knew where it is, and not many attempts to even guess where it is, except to azleader who rightly identified that it is in the men’s room. So, you want to know where it is?

These lovely walls, and there are a few other paintings that I didn’t have a chance to snap, are located in the “Thai Me Up” restaurant and macro brewery in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Great food and good beer if you care for one. So guys, if you ever happen to be in Jackson Hole, hit this place up for some good food/beer and when time comes to hit the room, you’ll be surrounded by these exotic ladies. Unfortunately, the females room doesn’t have the same effect. I told my wife what I saw and she had to go check out the other room. Nothing like that.

See me in high resolution - click it!!!

See me in high resolution - click it!!!