Friday Mystery Photo

Any plans for this weekend? We are going to Charleston for Shrimp/Grits run, only 5K run, it should be fun. We like Charleston and try to visit it once or twice each year.

Unless you are a waterfalls geek, and know every single waterfall, you probably not going to know it right away. Give you a little clue – it has been shown around here in the past, slightly different angle. Where is it?

Week later update: Took me a while to get back on my blog, its been busy time with non-blogging activities. This is in Osceola Wisconsin. I had another view of this waterfall from the other side, you might remember it, check it out.

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Behind the Curtain

Over weekend we went to see friends in Minneapolis and took a quick ride over to Wisconsin to get another state under my belt. Yep, one more, so far pretty good progress this year, and it isn’t even over yet.

This nice waterfall is located in Osceola and you can walk behind it, pretty cool.

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