East Washington

South east part of Washington state is popular with photographers for its unique and beautiful landscapes. Seems like endless rolling hills are planted with different types of crops and produce very nice patterns of different colors.

We were there last year for a quick overnight trip. For sunrise and sunset we went to the Steptoe State park and enjoyed beautiful views from the high above. During the day we drove around and looked for some other interesting photo opportunities, like this one.

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It was a bit windy and the crops had nice waves over them, pretty site. I liked those lines from the highway so I had to find a spot to pull off and then ran back to take a few shots.

This types of fields probably can be seen all over the place, in this case, around Colfax Washington.

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Friday Mystery Photo

This one is probably going to be easy for many of you, well, at least to identify the general area where it was taken. I’m sure identifying the exact curve and the road name will be much harder, but it will get you extra bonus points in the eyes of all of our readers!

It was pretty hot day for this area and we were sweating in the car as we drove around these hills. When I saw this curve I pulled to the side of the road and jumped out to snap this view, I wanted to remember it many weeks and month later how it looked, the green fields moved by the gentle wind on each side of it.

Saturday Update: I took this photo on Almota Rd, south of Colfax. Kudos to azleader and uglicoyote for identifying the general location of the photo – Palouse Washington.

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