North West Jungle

I really like all the moss on the trees and buildings in many parts of the Pacific North West. It is so abundant, lush and green. I was doing some hiking on the Bainbridge Island and saw many cool ‘jungly’  areas in the forest. The problem with forest and daylight sun is that there is so much contrast when it comes to photography and reproducing actually what you see there with your naked eye is so much harder in digital form.

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Million Dollar View

You probably had similar situations as I had with taking this photo. I was so excited to discover this little concrete bunker, all walls covered full with graffiti, right across the small bay from super expensive houses. It was a bit dark inside there and I thought I was taking photos with proper focus, looking at LCD it appeared to be good, only to discover later that night looking at uploaded images that the wall is a bit out of focus. How pissed I was!

Anyway, I still like the concept of this photo and want to share it. Maybe next time, if I ever make again to Bainbridge Island, I’ll pay better attention and get it all in focus…

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