DC Views

DC is on horizon here, if not for the Washington Monument I bet no one would ever knew that it is actually DC right there across the river. If you are wondering where I took this photo from, well, it is not a secret, you can actually take the same photo as well, just make your way to the Key Bridge Marriott top floor – it is like a conference hall, with nice 200 degrees views of the surrounding area. If you are not staying there, then you have walk in and proceed to the elevators like you belong… you know what I’m talking about…well maybe you know…

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Tysons Corner Sunrise

Some time when I visit Tysons Corner I get to stay on the south east side off my hotel and once in a while get a chance to witness some pretty nice sunrises. Taking photos through the window is not the best option, I think it kind of screws up some light, but it is best I can do. They don’t let me get on the roof here.

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Holidays Are Coming #2

I’m on the quest to get at least 3 holiday photos with pretty colorful trees. I might get even more. This one is in the lobby of Marriott Tysons Corner. I saw it when I checked in, but then every time I was going to the lobby, it was full with people, just seating there and obstructing the view. Last night I stayed late and ventured down around midnight and happy observed empty lobby with no one lurking around, other than the hotel folks behind their desk.

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Route 7 Construction or Drive By Shooting…

Couple days ago I posted image from my Morning Commute. Expanding the genre with one from my evening commute. Week or so ago I got out of the office during sunset and drove on Route 7 – Leesburg Pike – in Tysons Corner, VA. Route 7 is under heavy construction, they are widening it and doing some kind of work in the middle of it. I opened my window and took couple shots. At a red light off course. Sunset was OK, not the greatest,  but with construction equipment its kind of looks a little more interesting.   

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Sunrise over the Bridge

This will be first in a few photos about morning or evening commute. If I happen to be in the car during sunrise or sunset and traffic comes to a stop and I happen to have my camera ready then I might be able to take a shot. It is hard to take photos like this, because I have to be at a total stop and you never know when that will happen and what you are going to see in front of you. There might be spectacular colors in the sky by you are blocked by some huge truck and there is no point to take a photo. Photos like this are random, without any preparation or a much thought about the framing of the subject. Take it if you can and hope for the best outcome.

This photo is on the Dulles Toll Road, somewhere between Reston and Tysons Corner. Traffic was moving very slow with frequent stops. Every time it stopped I put my camera on the top of the steering wheel and took a shot. We were coming to this bridge and the sun was right behind it, looking very interesting. I was hoping that traffic will stop so I could take  a photo. How selfish of me. And we stopped.

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