Pretty Little Boats

We didn’t have a lot of time to hang around this marina or to take any boat tours. We just went around, snapped a few photos like this and then went to eat late lunch. Maybe next time when I visit Antalya or other Mediterranean towns I’ll have time to get on one of these boats and see how it looks from the water. Not sure when that would be though.

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And here couple more photos showing this marina.


Monday Morning Movie

If video is not shown in the browser or applications then visit it at Mediterranean Sunrise from Dmitrii on Vimeo.

ahh, I miss those warm waters, not just warm but crystal clear warm waters of Mediterranean. with our current weather forecast predicting freezing rain over night and then some roller coaster temperature swings over the next few days, so being at some nice spot under the sun is something most of us probably dream at the moment (at least here in the northern hemisphere). 

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Once in a while there is a question popping up in the comments section about EXIF information on my photos. I never actually put that type of information on this blog. I think it is a bit boring and too technical to put it on every post. Most people do not care about it. I think only photographers do as they want to know how it was done so maybe they can try it as well. So while I’m not putting that type of information here for your enjoyment, the reality is that it is only three clicks away, for any photo on my blog. As most of you know, each photo on this blog is linked to my photo gallery at smugmug (it is where I put the high resolution photos so you can download for your desktops or even purchase some prints…I can dream about it…), so when you click on the photo, it will redirect you to my photo gallery. There just hover over any photo on the right side (first you need to select it on the left) and you’ll see a little window with some information, one of them is blue letter “i”. Click on it and you’ll see another little window with Photo Details.

Persian Beauty

Do you have a rug at your house (apartment/room/crib)? Where do you put it? On the floor or on the wall? I bet if you are American, then it is on the floor in your living room and/or dining rooms, maybe in bed rooms as well. But it is not on the wall. Did you know that in many other countries people do not put these beauties on the floor, ever, but hang it on the wall, like covering entire walls with one rug from the ceiling to the floor. It is nice decoration and it actually keeps the wall warm in the winter.  I grew up with one of these beauties hang on the wall in our living room by day, bed room by night room. Haven’t seen one hanging on the wall here in US in a long time, well, actually never.

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Friday Mystery Photo

There were narrow and cobbled streets in this part of town with a lot of little shops, selling all kind of souvenirs, clothes, shoes and some antique looking things. Not sure how most of it antique, probably not at all, just made to look like it. This place (the photo) is definitively old, no faking here. I can’t remember how old though, you my fellow readers after pointing out where it is might also provide the age of this structure.

I had to wait at least five minutes before I could get close to the center opening and setup my camera for a quick shot. I think that over past decade there is a huge transformation in the tourist industry, with majority of tourists around the world are coming from somewhere Asia. It could be Chinese, Indian, Japanese or Korean. It seems like Indians are usually travel as a whole family, grandparents, their adult kids and their little ones. With older generation pretty much always wearing their traditional flip flops, no socks, no matter what the weather. The younger are more westernized in their clothing choices. I wonder if 40-50 years from now they will switch back to their traditional styles or this is the generation that will slowly move away from it. It seems to me that Koreans are the most organized to travel in large groups. There usually would be a boat load of buses with them, all walking in nice concentrated groups behind their guides, diligently listen to whatever story they tell them. In this case I had to wait for a huge group of Koreans to finish listening the story about this place and then take obligatory picture with their POS or Video camera. I think Chinese are somewhere in between Koreans and Indians, some solo, family or group travelers.

Couple blocks away from this spot there is a place that sells some paintings and art work. They put it on display on the outside wall for folks to see. They also have a “No Photo” sign, not super visible but there. I was walking by and saw colorful paintings and decided to take a shot or two – so later on I could show it on the blog. The folks there were not pleased, screaming at me “No Photo”, and pointing at the sign. Well, that kind of pissed me off, which I expressed by letting them know that it is their stupid loss. This would be free advertisement, no matter how small, for these idiots. What do they think I would do with the photo? Sell it to somebody or reproduce their precious paintings? I can understand if I would walk into the store and they didn’t want me to take photos, but they put them all out on the street for everyone to see, and no photos? Just even thinking about it reminds how mad it made me at that moment.

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As I was framing this shot, I thought about hackers magazine I used to see on the shelves at Borders. It is a small format magazine, almost like a booklet, with the last page always displaying a picture of some type of paid phone from around the world. I guess they started do this in tribute to whoever is trying to hack into these phones to place a free call. Well, Borders is gone and I have not really looked closely at the computer magazines shelves in a while and was not even sure if this publication still exists. Quick search reveals that they are still around, 2600 Hacker Quarterly magazine, indeed still in print. Not sure who buys them, not sure who bought them before or these days, in fact how any of those print magazines stay in business. But that is whole other topic.

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