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Antalya Sunrise

We are planning on doing a short trip to Florida for Thanksgiving and while we are not going to see or experience warm waters like we did on this hot day in Turkey, it will be considerably much warmer than … Continue reading

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Istanbul Blue

Ahh, Istanbul. We were there for only three days. Not enough to experience it all.

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Friday Mystery Photo

Yesterday we had a gloomy day at the beach, so how about today switch to a sunny day? It is Friday after all and weekend is just a few hours away, and it appears to be a sunny one too … Continue reading

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Pirates of the 21st Century

All they are missing are some cannons and a few AK47, otherwise probably have enough speed to take on that big tanker. Fortunately it is all happening in nice and safe waters of Mediterranean and not off the Somalia coast. … Continue reading

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Friday Mystery Photo

First, let me thank all for nice comments from the yesterday post. I usually get to see them on my phone during the day while at work, and it something that brightens my day. I’ll follow up today with another … Continue reading

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Istanbul Blue

Another place I’d like to visit again and spend a bit more time at, Istanbul is the cool place.

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Hagia Sophia

Before visiting Hagia Sophia I had no idea that it is not a practicing Mosque anymore. So before going there we stopped at our hotel and I changed my shorts to pants. You can’t wear shorts in Mosque. It was … Continue reading

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