Friday Mystery Photo

When we started the hike it was partially cloudy and the higher we went, the cloudier it got and at the top of the mountain the visibility was about 30-50 feet. In all directions. I waited for about 30 minutes hoping that the winds will blow this cloud out, but it did not happen. This overlook is actually right on the border between two States.

Do you know the name of the mountain?

Weekend Update: As many of you identified, it is Clingman’s Dome in the Smoky Mountains National Park. This park is split between North Carolina and Tennessee. If you look on the map, this specific spot is shown right on the border of the two states, not sure where exact line is, as I didn’t see any signs around there indicating actual border. 

Tennessee, Somewhere

Its been almost a month since my last post. Not really felt like posting anything.

This weekend we went for a bike ride on the Virginia Creeper Trail, if you live in this part of the country then it is something you definitely want to do, good outdoor activity, especially in the fall, when you get to see autumn foliage. Of course be prepared to see hundreds and hundreds of other people, coming seems like in large groups, occupying sometimes entire trail. If you expect to see a quite and serene place during this time of the year, then don’t. As you won’t. I have been to this trail a few times and always wanted to take some photos of the bridges along the trail. This time we stopped at almost each one of them to take a shot. I might even make a short video from it, who knows.

On the way back to NC we drove through Tennessee and since I’m on a quest to get a photo from every state, I stopped to get a shot in this state as well. So here you go, somewhere in Tennessee.

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