Hilton Head Evening

Last week I watched documentary on the Netflix about young girl who sailed around the world all by herself, she started at age 14 and finished 500+ days later at age 16, she became the youngest female to go around the world all by her self on a 40 foot sail boat. Interesting stuff. Check it out if you get a chance, it is called “Maidentrip”.

Couple nights ago while waiting for our table at the restaurant I saw this sail boat coming back to the docks and it reminded me of that documentary. I think it is about the same size boat as she took around the big oceans.

Movie Night

It was another night at the beach, but this time our hotel didn’t have the rock band. It was a family friendly movie night. People were hanging out by the pool and in the pool and watched some Disney flick.


The Steppin Stones

This weekend we are spending some time at the beach, getting some sun, some swim, a bit of bike rides and some photography here and there. The hotel we staying at brought this band in the evening and they were really good.

Charleston Sunset

You would never know that this was a New Years eve, but it was the last sunset of the 2011 in Charleston SC. Everything is still green and looks like it was almost any other season.

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Friday Mystery Photo

For some reason I find that in September I don’t have whole a lot of desire to publish photos. Not sure why. Last year I took a break, this year it is coming to be a very slow month as well.

I took this photo couple years ago, it is one of our favorite cities to visit. We even “considered” to potentially move there one of these days, but then we decided that it probably not going to be as much overall change as where we are now.

Many of you guys will know where it is, that fountain is probably one of a kind in surrounding like this. I’ll update the status over the weekend with the location and everyone who identified it.

Saturday Update: Thanks everyone for chiming in trying to identify the place. We have a few folks who knows this place, cakenessmonster, faithisinthelittlethings and David pointed out that it is in Charleston South Carolina, with David even pointing out one of my wife comments about how she would love to have a place there! Nice everyone!

Have a good weekend. We are probably going to make an overnight trip to Asheville, see what’s cooking down there.

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