Friday Mystery Photo

I missed last Friday, didn’t make any posts, I think we came back home from a road trip very late on Thursday night and I didn’t have any energy to do it. Last night I came home from work pretty late as well, but decided that skipping two in a row would not be cool, so I pulled one from the archives to share with you.

So if you know where it is then speak up and let the world know as well!

Weekend Update: Well, well, well, many good guesses on it, but this week mystery photo proved to be a true mystery as no one identified the place.

This is Claiborne Pell Bridge over the Narragansett Bay in Newport Rhode Island.

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50 by 50

Five New States This Year So Far

One of my goals is to have a photo on my blog from all fifty states by the time I turn fifty. With today’s post I have twenty two states under my belt, with five new states this year. Twenty eight more to go. I have a few more years to achieve this goal, it will be not the easiest one to accomplish as I have never actually been to any states in the middle of the country, never had a reason to be anywhere there. Some road trips are probably in order.

Newport Bridge

By the end of this year I want to cover all of the states on the East coast, there are a few more to photograph, this is one of the new ones, the State of Rhode Island. Recently I drove up to Boston and stopped over night in Rhode Island. Newport Bridge sounded like an interesting place to get a photo off at the sunrise.

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