Ever Sunshine in Erie?

Right before Christmas we went to see relatives in NorthEast PA. It is a suburb of Erie. For three mornings in the row I got up early – thankfully it is not so early in December – and drove up to the Presque Isle State Park in hopes of getting sunrise shot with the lighthouse over the Lake Erie. Nope. No such luck. Every morning was grey and miserable with no sign of the sun. Sun would be coming right behind the lighthouse, so I took this photo to remember what did not happen.

I heard many gun shots while at the park. A lot of hunters are out there during this time of the year. PA actually has lottery for hunting license to this park. Not sure what they hunt for, probably deer or maybe turkey.

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Unintentional Self Portrait

We were coming down the stairs in parking garage and I saw some interesting activities at the restaurant across the driveway. I quickly took the picture. Camera was set at wide angle and it captured our reflection in the window. I think it looks cool.


Erie Lighthouses

Erie has at least three different lighthouses. Two of them are located on the Presque Isle State Park and one is more like an observation tower is near the convention center.

This one is located on the north side of the Isle. It was build in 1872 and positioned a few hundred feet away from the shore.


Probably the most practical lighthouse is located on the east tip of the Presque Isle State Park, right at the entrance into the Presque Isle Bay. All water traffic in and out from the Bay has to path by it and I’m sure it is very handy at night. During the day a lot of fisherman trying their luck here as well. Right now you can keep one fish, if it over 20”. Water around here is fairly clean and you can actually see big fish swimming  around.


Observation tower and lighthouse on the Presque Isle Bay in Erie is home to large parking lot and surrounded by many bars and restaurants. A lot of folks gravitate here in the evenings.


Marina in Erie, PA

This weekend we had a road trip to Erie PA. Area is fairly depressing, not much to look at. We visited relatives in NorhtEast, hit a few wineries, I hiked by the lake shore. The following shot is of Erie Marina next to the convention center and one of the buzzing with life areas in Erie. It was nice night before Memorial Day, water was calm and peaceful, not to say about nearby bars and all of the “drive by” locals in their loud with music or supercharged engines cars. Guys in these cars are like – “hey baby, check me out, I’m cool and hip”, music is loud, car is loud, must be the case.