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Call Me, Maybe

Saw this in the lobby of my hotel in Pittsburgh. Almost picked it up to dial  out operator, instead took a few shots, it looked so retro and cool.

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It seems like every time I visit Pittsburgh it rains or overcast. Can’t remember if I ever seen sun here. So as this week. It rained two days ago and it’s raining tonight. Many of the recent photos posted are … Continue reading

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Blue Streak

This is definitely a brain shaker!

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Christmas in Pittsburgh

This photo was taken couple days before Christmas. We arrived in Pittsburgh on a rainy night and went straight to the Mt Washington to take a few photos of the downtown. You might recall one of the previous photos I … Continue reading

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Ever Sunshine in Erie?

Right before Christmas we went to see relatives in NorthEast PA. It is a suburb of Erie. For three mornings in the row I got up early – thankfully it is not so early in December – and drove up … Continue reading

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Pittsburgh Lights

I have heard that Pittsburgh has less sunny days than Seattle. Everyone thinks that Seattle is pretty gloomy, where would it put Pittsburgh then? We were driving through Pittsburgh and I really wanted to get a shot of it. As … Continue reading

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Buying Beer in small town PA

Pennsylvania is an interesting state when it comes to buying beer. Some states sell any type of booze at the grocery stores, some states have special stores for hard liqueur and everything else can be bought at the grocery store. … Continue reading

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