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Harvest Time

Visiting North East PA which is big on producing grapes for grape juice.

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Call Me, Maybe

Saw this in the lobby of my hotel in Pittsburgh. Almost picked it up to dial  out operator, instead took a few shots, it looked so retro and cool.

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It seems like every time I visit Pittsburgh it rains or overcast. Can’t remember if I ever seen sun here. So as this week. It rained two days ago and it’s raining tonight. Many of the recent photos posted are … Continue reading

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Blue Streak

This is definitely a brain shaker!

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Christmas in Pittsburgh

This photo was taken couple days before Christmas. We arrived in Pittsburgh on a rainy night and went straight to the Mt Washington to take a few photos of the downtown. You might recall one of the previous photos I … Continue reading

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Ever Sunshine in Erie?

Right before Christmas we went to see relatives in NorthEast PA. It is a suburb of Erie. For three mornings in the row I got up early – thankfully it is not so early in December – and drove up … Continue reading

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Pittsburgh Lights

I have heard that Pittsburgh has less sunny days than Seattle. Everyone thinks that Seattle is pretty gloomy, where would it put Pittsburgh then? We were driving through Pittsburgh and I really wanted to get a shot of it. As … Continue reading

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