Danger holes

Walking around tiding pools sometime can be dangerous. But tiding pools are really cool to explorer, so much of marine life with all of the starfishes and other cool creatures.

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The Lava of Weed

I stumbled on this somewhere around Yachats Oregon. It looked pretty cool, like a river of sea weed or whatever this stuff is. The greener part spends more time in the water, the white is not and gets bleached by the sun, when that sun decides to break through the clouds of course.

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Tidal Pools, Never the Same

Last summer we were staying at a little resort in Yachats, Oregon, right in that middle blue house on this photo. I took this photo on the first evening, just after we arrived there. The following two days I went out to check the beach and every time it was completely different. During low tides it did not have the same tidal pools at all. Ocean really controls the beach and how it looks day after day.

It was a nice and cool night in early August. I’d love to go back and visit it again one day. Oregon coast is awesome.

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Pretty Little Stars

Back in August while visiting Oregon coast I took a lot of pictures of star fish. They are kind of cool looking. So I’m going to process them one at a time and show it here. A bit missing that place.

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Low Tide

We had very nice time in Oregon, especially along the Oregon coast. There are many little towns on the coast, we spent a few nights in little town called Yachats. I spent a few hours during low tides looking at the crashing waves and hundreds of different size and color of starfish. This is the first time in my life that I’ve been to this coast and had a chance to explore all of it coolness.

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