Most Unexpected Rainbow

Last night I spent in Portland Oregon. According to weather reports today will be overcast with 90% chance rains. And they are right, outside is all grey with some rain already. So this morning I didn’t even bother of trying to see if there will be any type of sunrise. I woke up every 20 minutes or so and looked through my 16th floor hotel window to see how bad it is, just to see more rain. Then imagine my surprise when I saw this out of my window. Full rainbow (could not even fit it into my super wide lens). I don’t remember when I saw a full rainbow, many many years ago.

I think Portland was smiling at me, was saying good morning and tried to excuse itself for Northwest winter weather. 

It lasted about 5 minutes and then it disappeared, back to the grey and dull skies with more rain. Ok time to go get some Starbucks now.


Train Only

Downtown Portland is very busy and interesting place. There are a lot of restaurants and a lot of night life. We just had dinner at Lebanese restaurant and were walking back to hotel when I decided to stop for a quick shot. I can’t recall which intersection it is, if someone from read this, you’ll probably recognize the landmarks, the most obvious is the train tracks, and the second giveaway is the “Rock Bottom” restaurant. To see the sign you’ll need to open this image in my photo gallery at much higher resolution – just click on it and it will take you there.

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Portland Nights

This was taken from the draw bridge. About five minutes after taking this photo the bridge was opened up for a big barge. I took at few photos of it as well, but so far post processing on it is not up to my liking. There are probably better vantage points over down town Portland, but in my one night short stay I didn’t make there.

In travel book about Portland I read that Rose Garden has photographer dream of downtown Portland and Mountain Hood in the background. The following morning I got up super early and drove up to the Rose Garden. Of course no one was there at such early hour, roses were pretty, but downtown Portland was nowhere insight. Whoever wrote that damn travel book should be fired for misinformation.

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