I hope everyone is happy back at work, rested and energized for many weeks of none stop work. I have no vacation plans at least till April, whole three month. I might try to manage some weekend side little trips, but never know about it.

This is Portland Oregon, as you can read on that sign, cool city that I like to visit when I go to the North West US. Great food with some good local breweries, in fact Oregon has a few of my currently most favorite brews. I’ve drinking lately mostly this cool ale – Oregasmic Ale by Rouge, name speaks for itself, hehe.

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Friday Mystery Photo

Easy one today for our world travelers and bridge aficionados. If you been to this place or saw other photos then you are more likely know where it is. This was a nice, somewhat humid evening in this great city, a few hours later it started raining and I think it rained for a good day or two, well, now I’m giving it away. Happy Friday everyone!

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Portland Sunset

According to locals I was lucky to catch a real sunset in Portland in the month of February, they said that it fairly seldom event. Mostly the sky is overcast or it is raining. Sure enough, next morning it started raining, entire Pacific North West was under big rainy storm. It is rainy in that part of the country.

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Columbia River

I think it was the first stop on our scenic drive from Portland to The Dalles Oregon. One of the most beautiful views over it as well. The scenic road takes you along multiple waterfalls, you’ll be able to stop at the house you see on the right, and have more gorgeous views. Slowly it will take you to the Cascades and then to the Hood River. I took this photo from the Rooster Rock Rd at Portland’s Women Forum State Park, it is right off the Historic Columbia River Hwy.

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Portland Oregon

This is from my recent short visit to Portland. I came in late afternoon, stayed there one night and then headed back to Seattle. According to every local that I had a chance to interact on my short photo walk it is very unusual to have clear day in the middle of the winter. So a lot of them enjoyed nice weather and I guess I was lucky too. Clouds were slowly coming in and the following morning we had full overcast with rain.

Portland downtown is not as big as other nearby large cities, it has only a few tall buildings, and they are spread around the downtown area, so it does not have the same “big city” photo ops as Seattle or New York city, but it is very easy to get around it with free tram system and abundance of great restaurants to eat at.

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