Friday Mystery Photo

Ship wreck enthusiasts will have an easy time with this one, so as beach goers in that part of the country. For the rest of us, it is not as commonly seen one, at least I never saw it till I actually stepped on that beach.

I guess if there was a sign “Swim at Your Own Risk”, it would be very appropriate here, with all of those metal rods sticking out, I’d be very careful to even walk around this wreck.


Oregon Coast

I can’t remember the exact location where I took this photo, it is somewhere in northern part of Oregon coast. I think it is somewhere between Canon Beach and Rockaway Beach, but I might be mistaken. Even in the middle of the summer that water is very cold, those surfers really into surfing. Personally I have never tried any water sports in cold Pacific ocean waters, so my hat goes off to them. I’m sure wet suits help a lot, but still it is cold water in northern part of Oregon.

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