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Winter Magic

Winter Olympics is finally here and I’ll probably spend whatever free time I have watching all the different events. Slope Style snowboarding was pretty cool and delivered us the first gold medal. Good job and for many more to go! … Continue reading

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Where is that Winter?

Two weeks into December and yet to have freezing temps in NC or Virginia. Don’t know about other states but here it is not promising to be anything like we see in this photo. Of course it never gets here … Continue reading

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hot, Hot, Hot

Ohh man, we have another heat wave on the East coast. Yesterday my car was showing 107F,  and it is right around there, the official temperatures somewhere around 103-105F, so hot. Most of the flowers in my garden started to … Continue reading

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Friday mystery photo

Hot, Hot, Hot It is so hot on the East coast at the moment, today got up to 100F with some serious humidity. Being outdoors is very unpleasant. I was planning to do some shooting one of the nights this … Continue reading

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Sunrise at Mt Hood

It was a cold day on the mountain, super windy, especially at the higher elevations, above the tree lines. I ventured out to take some photos before sunrise, dressed like I was going to snowboard, my long socks, snowboarding boots, … Continue reading

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Mt Hood from the Dalles

Claustrophobia Usually claustrophobia is associated with little tiny spaces, like closets, small rooms, WC on the airplanes. But there are other types of claustrophobia’s, one of them is opposite of the small places, it is when people feel claustrophobic in … Continue reading

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Lavender Valley

If you ever decide to visit Mt Hood, make sure to go there via Hood River. From Portland take scenic roads to Hood River, then from there take Hood River HW (HW35) to the Mt Hood. But don’t just drive … Continue reading

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