Lavender Valley

If you ever decide to visit Mt Hood, make sure to go there via Hood River. From Portland take scenic roads to Hood River, then from there take Hood River HW (HW35) to the Mt Hood. But don’t just drive it all the way straight, take some exits and explore the Hood River Valley – it is pretty and full with farms producing pears, lavender and many other fruits. If you like one of the best huckleberry jams, then this is the place to buy some.

From many of these farms you’ll be able to see Mt Hood, just like in this photo. We stopped at the farm called “Lavender Valley” to see real growing lavender – first one for me! Real fresh lavender smells pretty nice and you can get some from the shop for your house or buy some lavender oils as well.

Thank you everyone for your comments, I appreciate it very much. btw, you can click on the photo if you like to see it in higher resolution with a lot more details.

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