Sharing the Catch

Friday is here, finally, and we have another photo from undisclosed location. Can you figure out where I took it?

We were watching all of these fishermen getting off the boat, laying all of their catch on the dock and then each one of them getting their fare share of fish. They carried it of the dock to the open part of the building and couple guys sliced them all into fillets. Seagulls were lurking around but got nothing. It was a nice little show.

Location – couple visitors identified this location, did not take that long, wow, and they even didn’t look at the boat name. Very impressive. Anyway, this was taken on a nice afternoon at Depoe Bay in Oregon. The world’s smallest harbor. There were a few seals lurking around in the water as well so we had a good time out there.

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Lets go Fishing

I can’t remember where exactly I took this photo. I think it is taken at the Depoe Bay Oregon.

Great state to visit, and I’m sure great state to live. I’ve never been on the fishing boat in the Pacific. I think next time I should plan for some type of excursion, fishing, whale shooting (with camera) or just glamour cruising.

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