Somewhere in Oklahoma

50 by 50 Update

Many of you know that I’m on a quest to visit all 50 US States, take a photo (or more) and post it on my site, all by the time I turn 50.  In other words 50 by 50.

Last week I went to Dallas Texas for a conference and decided to swing by Oklahoma and take some photos. So I rented a car and drove up to Durant Oklahoma for overnight stay. Can’t say much about Durant. The next day was all about finding something picturesque for my Oklahoma photo. I took HW70 to Lake Murray State Park in hopes to see something interesting. Most roads in the park were dirt roads and I guess it rained some in the prior few days, and it was not the best of the conditions. I didn’t make to any lake shores at the park, so can’t tell you if it is worth the visit.

Click me!!!

BTW, in case you worry, that is not my rental. I guess that is how some Oklahomans like to test their off road driving skills.

State #39. Eleven more to go.