Friday Mystery Photo

Easy one today, I think. What is the name of this place?Very

Weekend Update: Well, well. I thought most visitors will know it, not sure why I thought, maybe because it is indeed in the middle of the NYC, in Central Park, at the edge of one of the ponds, little place called Belvedere Castle. Very good pick Mr mvschulze, and no it is not Great Wall of China Chauncey, there is an American flag on top of it…

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Brooklyn Bridge

Last week we were in Cincinnati and walked across the suspension bridge over Ohio river. I have heard that that bridge was the inspiration for Brooklyn Bridge. Not sure if it is true or not.

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Flat Iron

In a few weeks I’ll be driving through NYC and will try to stop at B&H store. I want to see Sony A7R camera in person. I could rent and test it for a longer time, and I might do that, but first having it in my hands for a few minutes to get a feel for it would be nice. Also, I just like to stop by that store and see bunch of other good stuff.

I won’t be able to spend much time in the city and do any sight seeing, like the Flat Iron Building.

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Time Square

I have been to Times Square a few times and the only time you can take photos without a lot of people is during some heavy rain. It clears from humans just for a bit, most will hide in the shops, but a lot will still be in the middle doing something. In my case, taking photos of almost deserted place.

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Endless Sky

Wine or Beer

I go in cycles, sometimes it is red wine, sometimes it is beer cycle, the microbrew type of beer. With reds, it is something tasty, like Shiraz or Cabernet. What’s your poison?

Today’s Photo

I was walking early morning around the Bryant Park, looking for anything to photograph, didn’t really see anything in the park, but as I walked back out to the 6th Avenue I saw this huge skyscraper, all windows, reflecting the blue sky and fast moving white clouds. I thought that it might look interesting.  To get the reflection I went all the way to the bottom of it and took a few snaps, trying to keep the lines symmetrical in the viewfinder. The final image was cropped heavily, the sky was removed and some other oddities at the top of the building cropped out as well. I was contemplating to keep the sky in the photo, but decided against it. Maybe I’ll keep it on the other shot, with less clouds, a bit more blue in the windows and up there in the sky.

Have a great week everyone, it is Monday after all. I hope I have a good one too!

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