Reynolda Gardens

Yesterday afternoon we went for a short walk to the Reynolda Gardens near Wake Forest University. It was raining on and off all day, somehow we managed to squeeze this walk between and didn’t get rained on, but the rose gardens at Reynolda had some nice water drops on most flowers. I had my camera with me and decided to take some photos of all those flowers…maybe got a bit carried away with it, as you will see in the rest of this post. This is only maybe half of all the photos I took. Enjoy.

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and here is the rest of them, hopefully you are no longer on dial up and have ability to see it quick.




















Wife Modeling

I have a few more Fall photos in my archive that I want to post, and admit it, here on the East Coast US we are still in pretty much middle of the Fall. Even though all leaves are gone, trees are naked, but it is about 70F today in Northern Virginia, today is December 4th, mind you.

One day after work back in late October we went for a short walk at Reynolda Gardens, this is the only tree that was in some orange heat at that time. My wife was modeling for me, resting on the bench, good job!

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Reynolda gardens Water Tower

Fall season with all of its beautiful colors is suddenly over. This year it was a weird one, with many areas not having good colors, with some going from green to brown and then immediately dropping down to the ground.

A few weeks ago I took early morning walk at the Reynolda Gardens and found this little spot with perfect ground cover, highlighted by morning sun. Something to remember this season during upcoming winter months.


Mirror Lake

Sometimes you find things that you are not looking for and it just cuts you with surprise. A few month back we were in Oregon. We hiked for more than an hour to see Mirror Lake with reflection of the Mt Hood. We were lucky with clear skies and the view was nice, but there was a constant breeze that put some ripples across the lake, we spent almost an hour looking from couple different points and waiting for calmness. I managed to take some photos, one of them was posted here in August. A lot of effort, but in the end I didn’t get the perfect “mirror”.

This morning I went for a walk in the nearby Reynolda Park. There is a trail there and couple gravel roads. Usually I take the trail, but this morning for whatever reason I started in the wrong place and took one of the side roads. I knew where I was and went towards little ponds to get back to the trail. When I came to the pond, I approached it from an unusual access point and was treated to this awesome view of absolutely still water with amazing deep reflection of the sky and trees from the other side of the pond. The sun was at the right angle and it helped to reflect it with some amazing detail. As I was enjoying the view I thought that if I didn’t get lost and if I came to the lake from the other side, I might not see this little mirror, with it glimpse on the world above it. You can almost flip this photo 180 and you’d think that the reflection was the real thing. The cool part is that there are more details on the trees in the mirror than in its real version.

After taking this photo I hiked around the pond. No cool reflections.

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